How to register your cat with Felis Britannica

For those members that are breeders, you will need to register your cats with Felis Britannica. This also applies to those showing cats under FIFe authorised shows, if you wish to claim FIFe titles.

Pedigree registration application forms can be downloaded in Word or PDF format and are also available on the FB website
Pedigree Cat Registration Form (PDF)
Pedigree Cat Registration Form (Word)

Non-Pedigree registration application forms can be downloaded in Word or PDF format and are also available on the FB website
Non-Pedigree Cat Registration Form (PDF)
Non-Pedigree Cat Registration Form (Word)

If your cats are already registered with another body i.e. G.C.C.F. /T.I.C.A. you will need to import them into Felis Britannica.

To do this you will need to send the completed application form together with an original certified pedigree, a transfer of ownership document, i.e. Pink Slip from G.C.C.F plus a certificate of entirety for males aged 10 months and over, to the VCC with the correct fee.

Certificate of Entirety Form (PDF)
Certificate of Entirety Form (Word)

Please read the application forms and notes on the reverse carefully, to avoid delays.

Where to send it to

All registration applications should be sent to the Pedigree Checker at the following address from 1/9/13:

Fran Williams
19 Blueberry Road
SN12 7FW
tel : 01225 433919. 5pm - 9pm only please. An answerphone is on in the daytime
email : registrations [snail] vikingcatclub [period] com -> mailto:registrations [snail] vikingcatclub [period] com

How to pay

Current methods of payment are by cheque - made payable to the Viking Cat Club

Bank transfer (BACS)
A/C No 41526243
Branch sort code 40-18-46

Click on logo

Payment by PayPal is only available to overseas members

Please note that there is a 3% surcharge if paying by PayPal and this additional amount should be included in the payment you make

If paying by bank transfer or PayPal please make sure you let the Treasurer Treasurer [snail] vikingcatclub [period] com -> mailto:Treasurer [snail] vikingcatclub [period] com know you have paid and what it is for, so he can assign the payment to your name.

Visit How to pay for further details

Information about the documents required and the fees payable can be found on the forms, but if assistance is required please contact the Pedigree Checker, who will be happy to help.

Registration Price List (PDF)

PLEASE NOTE that as a full member of The Viking Cat Club, you are also a full member of FIFe, and are bound by their rules.
One of those rules is that in the case of kittens being dual registered, they must be registered with FIFe first. This rule can be adhered to by sending in a litter declaration to Felis Britannica.
This then enables FIFe to track how many litters a queen is having, and helps to control over breeding.

Bringing a Cat or Kitten from Jan 2012

From 2012 there are new rules about importing a cat or kitten into UK.

To import a cat into FB please click on Importing a cat into FB to find out what you need to do to do and how much it costs.

The new Pet passport travel legislation can be found on the DEFRA website.

For full details of The Felis Britannica Breeding and Registration Rules, click here Breeding and Pedigree Rules (PDF)

A full list of forms can be found in Documents Library

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