Coventry Show 5th and 6th Sept 2015

Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th September 2015

(closing date Sun 23/8/15)
Entry clerk is Margaret Scott - entries [snail] vikingcatclub [period] com -> mailto:entries [snail] vikingcatclub [period] com

The Sports Connexion
Leamington Rd
Ryton on Dunsmore

Mrs Maria Rihova (All Breeds) Czech Republic
Mrs Helene Reiter (All Breeds) Denmark
Mrs Sarah Johnson (I,II & IV) UK

Coventry Show Schedule for Sat 5th and Sunday 6th September 2015
Coventry Entry Form (PDF version)
Coventry Entry Form (Word version)
Show Entry Calculator pdf version
Show Entry Calculator (Excel version with built in calculator)

Please note the Excel version of the show entry has a built in calculator and will add up the entry fees for you.