About the Balinese

A Balinese is a Siamese with a longer coat. They can be found in all the same colours as the Siamese (with the present exception of the newer colours, cinnamon and fawn).

The have the same blue eye colour, the same intelligence and temperament as the Siamese, the only difference being the coat. The Siamese has a short sleek coat, the Balinese has a fine and silky coat, with hair length between half an inch and two inches on the body and a plume-like tail, that can have hair as long as five inches.

Some Balinese owners claim that their cats are quieter than their short haired cousins, whilst others insist that their Balis are just as noisy as Siamese. All Balinese owners agree that their cats are amongst the most graceful and majestic of all the pedigree breeds.


Shorthaired Balinese, known as Variants, may also be seen (but not at shows) as breeders have constantly bred back to top quality Siamese to improve the type and eye colour of Balinese. Kittens resulting from mating a Balinese to a Siamese have a short plush coat and are known as Variants.

They are invaluable in a Balinese breeding program as they carry the recessive long hair gene which they pass on when mated back to a long haired Balinese or another Variant

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