If you are looking for a cuddly, playful yet peaceful animal companion, you are about to discover your 'perfect' pet.Tiffanies combine the best qualities of their two parent breeds, having inherited the mischievous, playful character of the Burmese combined with the easy-going nature of the Chinchillas.

They are intelligent, active and extremely affectionate. While many breeds of cat bond to one particular person, Tiffanies tend to form very strong bonds with their whole 'family', whether human or furry. These strong bonds make them exceptionally loyal and devoted companions.

Remarkably sensitive to the feelings of those around them, they can reliably be expected to turn up at your side if you are ill or upset. At this time, they will come up quietly, making quiet 'creaking' noises at you, and follow up with a gentle prod with a soft paw if this doesn't produce a response.

At other times they can be quite chatty, and will often answer back if spoken to. It is rare for a Tiffanie to put out a claw when near their people, and if they accidentally do catch you with one, they tend to react with horror and come up to you with big eyes as if to apologise.

They love to play, either with each other, with you or just by themselves. They seem to have amazing imaginations, and if left to their own devices appear to make up games involving imaginary toys, mice or who-knows-what. If you are prepared to devote time to playing with them, they will reward you with the most hilarious antics and then once they are worn out will usually come to you for a cuddle.
If you are busy with something they will seldom get in the way, preferring instead to keep to one side or they will be watching you from close by.

History of the Tiffanie

The development of the Asian Group, of which the Tiffanie is a part, began with a happy accident. Miranda von Kirchberg (Bickford-Smith by marriage) had purchased a male Chinchilla (Persian type) cat as a pet for her husband. Just before he was due to be neutered, he managed to gain access to one of Miranda's Burmese females. This mating produced a litter of four females of mostly Burmese 'type' (body format), but with the Black Silver Shaded appearance coming from the Chinchilla.

Miranda and one of her friends, Thérèse Clarke (Kartush), began working with these striking cats, and decided on the name Burmilla, as a contraction of the Burmese and Chinchilla names. Miranda became interested in the range of different colours, patterns and even the two coat lengths that the future matings produced.
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