Buying A Kitten

Buying a kitten

When deciding to buy a kitten, it is easy to to forget about how much much care they need. The average cat will live for up to 10 years or maybe longer.

You will need to provide it with lots of companionship and provide regular meals and water. All cats will need regular grooming especially if the cat is long haired, like a Persian.

What kitten is right for you?

When choosing a kitten, you need to consider if you are looking for a pet or a kitten you intend to show or breed from.

If you are looking for a kitten to show or breed, you should let the breeder know this when you first enquire. A breeding or show kitten should meet the breed standard, showing no obvious faults.

When choosing your kitten, always check the mother's health and temperament.A healthy kitten will have bright and shiny eyes, a glossy coat and an alert and inquisitive manner.

Ears should be clean, nose cool and damp without any nasal discharge, pale pink gums and mouth. Kittens should not leave their mother until they are 13 - 16 weeks old, they will be litter trained and have had all vaccinations. Kittens should be well socialised and used to everyday noises.

The breeder will supply you with a pedigree, vaccination record and usually a "goodie" bag and advise on diet.

Bringing the kitten home

When first bringing the kitten home, remember that it will be a very stressful time for the kitten, especially if this is the first time away from its mother and family.

You should give it time to adjust to the new surroundings in your home. Make sure that the kitten knows where its bed, litter tray and food and water bowls are.

The kittens bed should be a refuge to retreat to if things become too stressful. It needs to be warm, dry, comfortable and draught free.

When you first take a kitten home it is important to feed it on the same food it has been used to. A sudden change of diet combined with the stress of adapting to a new home can cause stomach upsets and diarrhoea.
If you want to change the diet, do so gradually by mixing it with the kitten's usual food. Kittens have small stomachs and have to be fed little and often.

Owning a cat is a lifelong commitment which shouldn't be taken lightly. Having a cat is good for our health and reduces stress levels and is wonderful company!