Guide To The Website

Your Guide To The New Website

We hope you find our new website interesting and easy to navigate. We have tried to include all the things you would like to see, but let us know if we have missed out anything? committee [snail] vikingcatclub [period] com -> mailto:committee [snail] vikingcatclub [period] com

  • The Club section tells you something about The Viking Cat Club, who the Committee are and we are in the process of building some Welfare pages
  • In the Membership section you will find details about how to join, renew membership and payments. Registrations explains how to do this and which forms you need to fill in. Validations is for those wishing to claim a title for your cat and finally Documents Library lists all the forms you may need.
  • A Breeds section which tells you something about individual breeds.
  • We have a new and improved Kitten list, including a listing of older cats and kittens still looking for homes - Kitten List page
  • An easy to locate list of member breeders, split into breeds types Breeders List page and listing 'Stud' cat availability.
  • In Show News we plan to bring you details about forthcoming shows and results from recent shows. There is a page for Show Info For New exhibitors first time exhibitors, which we hope they will find useful.
  • The Info section contains useful links to other websites and we intend to add a photo gallery and any videos, as they become available.

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