UK Winners Show 2011

Some pictures from the Winners show - Sunday 6th November 2011

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Above left - VCC member Beth Hopkins with her kitten - Best in Show Category II and then 2nd Overall on the Best of the Best panel - SIB Mykirastar Alyana Blaze of Glory. Right - Wendy Hackles with her Kitten - NFO Selkah Calamity Jane

Above left - The trophy table and right Ron Brown with Maine Coon GB*Lunaris Ramblin Gamblin Willie

Above left - Judith MacArthur and Norwegian Forest Cat IP GB* Old Possum's Peeping Tom and right - Cornish Rex GB* Celexa Phoenix with owner Debbie Davies and Judge Charles Spijker

Above left - Clara de Dios with Norwegian Forest Cat Nandinakatts Stud Muffin(?) and right the FB display board

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