VCC Membership - Joining, Annual Subscriptions and Payment Details

2020/21 annual membership fees are due 1/6/20

Like to join?

You don't have to be a member of FIFe, or even own a Norwegian Forest Cat - we are an all-breed club that specialises in the NFO. There are two types of membership - Full or Associate. For club matters there is no difference, and both types of member enjoy the same club benefits. There is however an important difference in Felis Britannica since you may only be a full member in one FB full member club. The VCC is a full member club and by choosing to become a full member of our club you are automatically a FIFe member.

Membership Fees :

  • Joint Full Membership - £16.00 (two persons from same household)
  • Single Full Membership - £12.00
  • Family full membership £20.00 (same household)
  • Joint Associate Membership - £12.00 (two persons from same household)
  • Single Associate Membership - £10.00
  • Family Associate membership £15.00 (same household)

To become a new member of the VCC, click on the links below
Membership application Form For New Members(PDF)
Membership application Form For New Members(Word)

Changing FIFe Membership/Club Form (PDF)

When completed, send the form, together with payment, (NO CHEQUES PLEASE) to the Membership Secretary (address at the bottom of the form).

Want to Renew?

The membership period runs from 1st June - 31st May and the fees are listed above.
To renew your annual membership, click on the links below

Annual Membership Renewal Form 2020/21 (Word)
2020/21 membership information (pdf)

Please be aware
Rules of the Club 2.08
Failure to pay subscriptions within 2 months of the due date will result in the member automatically being dropped from the membership list.

A reminder will be send to the defaulting member by the Honorary Membership Secretary at least two weeks before the period of grace expires.

When completed, send the form, together with payment, to the Membership Secretary (address at the bottom of the form).

How to pay - UK members

Current methods of payment are BACS - or Standing order. NO CHEQUES CAN BE ACCEPTED AT THE MOMENT (May 2020)

Bank transfer (BACS)
A/C No 41526243
Branch sort code 40-18-46

If paying by bank transfer please make sure you let the Treasurer know you have paid and what it is for, so he can assign the payment to your name.

Standing Order

You can now pay your annual subscriptions by standing order. (April 2017)

To do this you should do the following.

  • Set up a standing order with your bank
  • Ensure it is for the correct current fee
  • Arrange for one annual payment to be taken on or about 1st June

When setting up, it would be very helpful if you could reference the reason for the payment, so that the Treasurer can assign it to your name. E.g. RSmith_2017Subs

How to pay - Overseas members

Payment methods for Overseas Members Only

Data Protection - Membership Data Collection - Consent
The Data Protection Act 1998 ("the Act) sets out certain requirements for the protection of your personal information (i.e. information about you) against unauthorised use or disclosure. The Act also gives you certain rights. By virtue of your membership, direct or indirect, to Felis Britannica (FB) you agree to your personal data being made available to FB and its member clubs, subject always to compliance with the Data Protection legislation. This does not include sensitive personal data such as health or medical conditions, which require the explicit consent of the data subject i.e. a signature for this specific purpose. Except to the extent that FB is required or permitted by law, the information which you provide in this form, and any other information obtained or provided during the course of your membership ("the Information" will be used solely for the purposes of processing your application and dealing with you as a member. If you cease to be a member of FB, the information will not be held for longer than necessary, after which time it will be destroyed. You agree to use all reasonable endeavours to keep FB informed of any changes to your personal data.

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