Show Info For New Exhibitors

What to do at your first cat show

Welcome to your first FIFe Cat Club show. This is a brief guide to explain what will be happening during the day, where to go for assistance, and to help you and your cats enjoy your show day.

First thing to do when you arrive at the show hall, is to get vetted in. You will usually see a queue of exhibitors, clutching carriers full of cats and things they need for the day.

Have your cat vaccination cards ready as they will be checked by the person on the entry desk. They usually give out the catalogues at the same time, as well as giving you an envelope with details of your cat and the pen number written on the front.

Once the vet has seen your cat, the next thing to do is locate your pen. The row letters are displayed on the ends of the rows of pens, and each pen has a card on it with the pen number. The pens are 2ft x 2ft x 2ft for a single pen and 4ft x 2ft x 2ft for a double pen and you are free to decorate them as you like.

In the show Hall

After your cat is safely in its pen you need to check its details in the catalogue. Look up your cat’s number in the catalogue and check that its details are correct.

If there are any mistakes, it is really important that you go to the Secretariat and let them know (the secretariat table is often located close to the judging area).
If you have asked for your cat to be colour assessed, this is usually done soon after the judges arrive at the hall, so be sure to listen out for any announcement.

The catalogue entry for your cat will also tell you who is judging him/her.
Once you know this, you can locate the judge’s table (generally at one end of the hall). On the front of each judges table is the judging order so you will be able to get an idea of when your cat is likely to be judged. Judging starts at around 9.30am.


The judge will make their judgements one breed at a time and shortly before your cat’s turn, his/her number will be called over the microphone by the steward and you should take him/her to the judge’s table and place in one of the holding cages behind the judge, as directed by the steward.

When the judge is ready for your cat, the steward will direct you to take him/her out of the cage and go to the judges table.

You can then hold your cat whilst he/she is being judged and listen to what the judge has to say. The judge also makes a written report on your cat, a copy of which is given to you later to take home. At this stage, cats are placed in their class and Best in Variety awards given if there are sufficient cats present.

Once the judge has finished judging their main classes they will go on to nominate their best cats for the Best in Show panel.

This means that they will call back, for example, all their best Semi-Longhair males and these will compete together for the nomination, so listen for your cat’s number being called again if he/she won their class.

After all their nominations are complete the judges will move on to judging the side classes. Again the steward will call your cats number over the microphone when the judge is ready for him/her.

The judges will then take a break for lunch whilst the paperwork is processed in the secretariat for Best in Show.

During this break the raffle takes place, so make sure you bought some tickets and visited the club table to look for any bargains!

Best in Show

The Best in Show panel usually begins at around 3.30pm. Every cat that has been nominated will be called to be taken to the holding pens on the stage, one category at a time.

The cats are then presented to the panel who will select the Best Adult, Opposite Sex Adult, Kitten, Junior, Neuter and Opposite Sex Neuter. Then winners are then compared for an Overall Best in Category award.

The show usually finishes by 5.00pm. No cats are allowed to be removed from the show hall until the show has been officially closed.

If you need any help on the day please ask at the secretariat where one of the show team will be happy to help or you may just find your pen neighbour loves to chat about cats and take you under their wing!

We hope you and your cats have a successful and enjoyable day.