Aldersley, Wolverhampton, Show Results Saturday 21/3/2015

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Category I
Best Male, Adult & Best in Category: Remilakat Cypress EXO es, owned by Kavita Vincent
Best Female: Chicsweet Diana Ross PER d, owned by Tracy Vincent
Best Male Neuter & Neuter: Bronjoy Brimstone EXO e 24, owned by Mandy Rainbow

Category 2
Best Male, Adult, Best in Category and Overall Best in Show: Tiganlea King Gillespie NFO as 03 23, owned by John & Caroline Tipper
Best Female: Sterrenkatten’s Honey Bunny BFO a 09 23, owned by Tracey Spooner
Best 4-7 Kitten: Carchristeykatt Inferne NFO ds 09 22, owned by Tracy Spooner
Best 7-10 & Best Kitten: Fru Pedersens Rasmus Elias NFO d 03 24, owned by Robert & Janine Stark-Kooiman
Best Male Neuter & Neuter: Normystic Lord Burr NFO n 23, owned by Richard Handy
Best Female Neuter: Tiganlea Duchess Nieve NFO w 62, owned by Karen Shepherd-Best

Category 3
Best Male: Plushies Eragon BUR n, owned by Liz Ward
Best Female & Adult: Celexa Phoenix CRX d 03, owned by Debbie Davies
Best 7-10, Kitten and Best in Category: Koperkat Frederick ABY p, owned by Margaret Scott
Best Male Neuter: Wendele Beethoven BUR e, owned by Wendy Chapman
Best Female Neuter & Neuter: Djaknens Wienna CRX h 03, owned by Debbie Davies

Household Pets
Best Shorthair and Best Housecat: Bella Rosa HCS f 03 22, owned by Pina Meakin
Best Longhair: Nixy HCL n, owned by Mandy Rainbow

Side Classes:
Best Kitten: Lisieux Remembrance and Hope MCO ns 09 22, owned by Josie Hughes
Best Stud: Plushies Eragon BUR n, owned by Liz Ward